the farm

The Ferme aux petits oignons is a diversified organic vegetable farm located in a beautiful valley where runs the river La Diable in Mont-Tremblant. 

On almost 5 ha of field and greenhouses, we grow over 65 different vegetables, aromatic herbs, flowers and fruits.  All of our products are certifed organic by Ecocert Canada.  Our mission is to provide the local community with fresh organic products of a high standard freshness and quality.

You’ll find our products at the Val-David summer market, every Saturday mornings, directly at the farm store on Friday afternoons from June to December and through the subscription to the organic baskets, delivered from June to December.

Ferme aux petits oignons, 515 chemin de Brébeuf, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 2E1, info@fermeauxpetitsoignons.org | ecrire à la Ferme aux petits oignons