to the organic baskets – 2017

Early subscription special offer !!!

If you subscribe and make the first payment before April 1st 2017, you get a veggie-credit of 10$ (regular season) or 15$ (with extension) to enhance your basket with your favourite vegetables when available in extra during the regular season. 

A flexible and innovative model to meet your needs !

We developed our own unique and innovative mini-market model to distribute our organic baskets, enabling you on site with multiple choices between vegetables while you make up your basket.  To better fit your needs, the size of the basket will depend on your dietary habits.  Click here to see examples of the basket contents at different moments of the season These examples will help you choose the appropriate basket size.

During the season, you can suspend a maximum of two basket deliveries, advising us at least 1 week in advance (in-person at the delivery site).  In exchange, you’ll get a credit allowing you to take available excess vegetables with your next basket pickups.  Credits are also purchasable at the delivery site (enabling you to enhance your basket with your favourite items without having to handle cash!).


We’re sorry we can not easily translate our subscription form. If you need help to fill the form, call us at 819-681-7303 and we will be pleased to assist you.

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