Spring rolls

mars 22, 2017

These delicious spring rolls could either be made out of summer, automn or winter vegetables!  It is a good way to use left overs of meat, rice and the vegetables available to you. Put all the ingredients in the center of the table to have your guests participate.  Kids will love it! 


Rice or Nori leaves

Rice noodles

Vegetables to taste depending on the time of the season : carott, radish, beet, cucumber, kohlrabi, zucchini, bell pepper, etc.

Greens to taste : sprouts, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, pac choi, kale, cilantro.

Other ingredients to taste : rice, nuts, seeds, shredded roasted pork or beef, cooked shrimps.


1⁄4 cup of peanut butter (or tahini)

1 Tbsp of thin sliced green onions (garlic or garlic flower, depending on the season)

1 Tbsp of honey

1⁄4 cup of water

Pinch of chili (optional)

1 Tbsp of fish sauce

2 Tbsp of miso or 1 Tbsp of tamari

1 tsp of Dijon or old style mustard.


Cook the rice noodles or the rice.

Grate or cut the crispy seasonal veggies into julienne strips.

Prepare the greens : wash and spin dry the sprouts, chop the cabbage, lettuce, etc. If you choose kale, rub it with a bit of lemon juice to soften and leave for at least 15 minutes.

Chop the grilled nuts and seeds.

Have the rice leaves and a bit of water ready for the guests (following package instructions) and all the ingredents that you've prepared.


Mix the peanut butter or the tahini with the rest of the ingredients. Use of a hand blender helps getting a smooth texture.

Spring rolls are made of raw rice leafs stuffed with meat and vegetables  and originate from Vietnam. They have been adapted to many countries.  You can stuff them with your favorite ingredients and easily make them vegeterian. Eat them cold as an appetizer or serv them with a gorgeous salad to have a fresh and light meal.