Organic baskets

the way it works

Our organic baskets : locally grown, variety, freshness and quality

The vegetables of our organic baskets are almost exclusively grown on our farm and are available according to the growing season, which depends on Mother Nature’s magnanimity.  We cultivate over 50 vegetables and about 150 different varieties.  Our main objective is to provide our clients with the best quality, freshness and a good range diversity of products.  At different moments during the season, we will include to our baskets some certified organic fruits and vegetables grown on other local farms.  In such a case, our members will always be informed where these products are coming from.

A flexible and innovative model to meet your needs!

We developed an innovative mini-market model to distribute our organic baskets, enabling you on site with multiple vegetable choices while you make up your basket.  In addition, you can get a hold of your favourite vegetables, on top of your basket, through our veggie-credit offer.  During the season, you can suspend the delivery of your basket for a maximum of 2 weeks and receive a veggie-credit in return (23$/Medium size and 30$/Large size).

Picking up your basket at the delivery site is also the occasion to meet and exchange words with your passionate family farmer or other members and trade recipies or culinary tricks.  Furthermore, your kids will have the chance to eat on site these delicious freshly harvested vegetables, helping them to hold until supper time (while having fun on the farm’s play park).

Enhance your baskets : the veggie-credit offer

Every week, you can add vegetables to your already planned basket.  However, you have to previously buy your veggie-credit at the delivery site, giving 20$ or more in cash to the person who does the attendance.  This credit process prevents us to subsequently handle cash and helps increase our service during delivery.

Moreover, you can receive a non-refundable veggie-credit when subscribing to our organic basket before April 1se (10$ on the regular season and 15$ on the extended season) or when you want to suspend your basket (see details below).

Vegetables are not all available at all time to use your veggie-credit, due to the weather, the amount harvested and the amount needed every week.  As an example, if we harvest 500 tomatoes and we need 400 for the delivery, the extra 100 tomatoes will be available for the veggie-credit use.

Suspend your basket

You can suspend a maximum of 2 baskets during the regular season, advising us in-person at the delivery site and at least 1 week in advance. Credit for a basket suspension requested by E-mail during the season will be ignored.  In exchange, you’ll get a non-refundable credit (23$/Medium size or 30$/Large size), allowing you to take extra vegetables, on top of a regular basket, up to October 25th (beyond this date, the credit is automatically cancelled).  See details above for veggie-credit terms.  No matter the reason, you’ll be allowed to cancel your suspension request and take your basket back (thus cancelling the credit), but you must advise us no later than Monday, just before the delivery.

Forgotten/unclaimed baskets

No matter why and at any time, you may appoint someone else to come and pick your basket.  There are no needs to advice us in advance.  You could also sell one of your organic baskets to the person of your choice.  In case of a last minute forgetting or an unexpected problem, you can contact us to have your vasket prepared at a 5$ cost.  You will have to pick up your basket at the farm, with an appointment only.  Unclaimed baskets within 2 days following the date of delivery will be given to a local charitable organization without possible exchange or reimbursement.  As an exception, you may change, without extra fee, the delivery site or pick up your basket directly at the farm with an appointment, if you previously make the arrangement at least the Monday before the expected delivery date.

Less packaging : an important benefit to the environment!

The majority of fruits and vegetables distribution in the food industry is made with unrecyclable waxed cardboard boxes.  Our mini-market way of distribution is done wieh reusable containers and is saving about 14 000 of there boxes every year, that being ober 840 cubic meters of garbage!!! This is excluding all the other packaging used for the transportation to grocery store : styrofoam containers, plastic wrapping and bags.

Consequently, you have to bring your own bags, baskets or boxes when you come to pick up your vegetables.  Back home, it is preferable to wrap the majority of your vegetable and quickly refrigarate the leafy vegetables.  To do so, we encourage you to employ reusable bags and containers.

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