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Potato crust

A potato crust for the pizza, what a great idea !


La caponata, un accompagnement à découvrir !

Pesto and fresh tomato pizza

A quickly made pizza that everyone will enjoy !

Cabbage, apple and fennel salad

The reinvented cabbage salad !

Kale chips

Healthy chips without guilt !

Zucchini brownies

To hide veggetables in a dessert, an art!

Fruit ketchup

An autumn delicacy to be enjoyed all year round!


Charmant de nature, le pesto met en valeur les mets qu'il accompagne

Grilled vegetable sandwich

Made with love, this vegetarian sandwich will leave no one indifferent.

Spinach puff pastry

This local version of spanakopita is delicious eaten warm as well as cold.